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Buzzbox Origins

How Buzzbox came into existence as told in the startup chronicles

Our Mission

Empowering individuals to create amazing experiences

The BUZZ Team

Boris Poletan

Co-founder (Sales & CS)

Boris is the visionary that lives on the edge with big dreams. Trained in the art of selling, his mission at Buzzbox is to smash revenue targets and keep customers satisfied. He also has an obsession with processes and delivering more value. He has a ritual of reading books, setting big goals and talking philosophy.

Ashley Cheuk

Co-founder (Product & Tech)

Ashley is the tech guy that shines norturnally. His experience in building platform solutions help drive Buzzbox to develop and implement new innovations and coolness in the marketing space. He is equally passionate about chatbots/augmented reality and collecting doraemons.

John Phung

Co-founder (Ops & Marketing)

John is an all rounder that thrives in chaos and deadlines. His background in supply chain & operations makes sure that Buzzbox’s service and fulfilment is being executed and improved constantly. He also has an eagle eye for design and numbers, focusing on front end and financial components.